What can you do with a PhD?

The decision to pursue a PhD is an important one, and not one to be made lightly or without consideration. Doctoral study and research can take an average of five and a half years to complete, and requires consistent focus and hard work; it's not for everyone.

That said, the rewards of a PhD are considerable. Doctoral work itself is an exciting and positive experience and opens doors to otherwise unavailable career possibilities. A PhD prepares you for strong roles in academia and research, but also broadens your knowledge and competence to be a leader in business and other areas.

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"My favorite part of the weekend was getting to present my research interests in front of my fellow ACCESS colleagues and professors. After surviving the 2 minute presentation, I let out a big sigh of relief and appreciated receiving positive comments, especially from the professors. It gave me a great boost in confidence, knowing that I can present myself and what I love and doing very well in an intimidating (well not really, more of engaging!) atmosphere."
Miguel Ocampo