ACCESS Accomodations

Travel arrangements for your visit will be booked through Robert McCoy of The Travel Collaborative. He will contact you once you have been accepted into the program. Program activities will begin late on Thursday evening and conclude with a closing reception on Saturday evening. Plan on departing Boston on Sunday.

If you require changes to your travel arrangements after your flights have been booked, you must contact your department representative to obtain approval.

ACCESS participants will stay at the historic Kendall Hotel in Cambridge, MA. The Kendall Hotel is approximately a 2-minute walk from the MIT campus. To view guest rooms and amenities, please visit the Kendall Hotel’s website. All reservations are taken care of by the ACCESS program office. Participants are assigned two to a room

All costs including lodging, travel, meals, and excursions during ACCESS are paid for by the program. If you choose not to attend you must notify us immediately. No-shows or last-minute cancellations may incur an administrative charge.