Christine Lebron

Bel Air, Maryland
Chemical Engineering
The University of Maryland, College Park


Research Interests: Nanotechnology and its applications in the commercial industry.

Interests outside of school/research:

I love to spend my free time socializing with my friends. I also enjoy volunteering my time to help others in my community. I like to travel and explore new places whenever I get the chance. I am also an avid supporter of the Arts, and I love to go to music concerts (especially classical and alternative rock), paint on canvas, and write prose and poetry.

How did you hear about the program? Why did you apply?

I first learned about the program when my department advisors encouraged me to apply to it. I applied because I was interested in learning about graduate school, and I had always wanted to visit MIT.

Interesting things you did at ACCESS and people you’ve met?

The entire program was interesting and fun!! One of the most interesting activities we had was the graduate student-led tours of the labs. It was absolutely fascinating to learn about the diverse areas of research in which graduate students participate. Interacting with current graduate students, faculty, and fellow participants really enhanced my experience in the program.

Favorite part of the weekend and why?

My favorite part of the weekend was the tour of the city of Boston. I found the city to be very beautiful and cosmopolitan.

Do you think you benefited from the program – did it help you in any way? Why or why not?

Yes, I benefited from the program very much! I was able to see firsthand how a graduate school program works in a well-recognized university.

Prior to attending ACCESS, did you have plans to apply for graduate school? How did ACCESS impact your decision?

Graduate school has always been in my plans. ACCESS confirmed to me that pursuing a graduate degree is the right thing to do and appropriate for me considering my interests.

Are you planning on applying to attend graduate school now?

I am planning on applying to graduate school in 2012.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

I see myself as a chemical engineer in responsible charge of developing new products at a major corporation.

Anything else you want to share?

I would like to encourage all students to pursue their dreams no matter how challenging these may appear. Even if making your dreams a reality requires much time and hard work, the personal rewards, intellectual growth, and satisfaction that you will reap are well worth the effort.