Gilbert Castillo

Research Interests:
Polymer physics/surface chemistry

Interests outside of school/research:
I love to bike, go to the beach and swim.

Interesting things you did at ACCESS and people you’ve met?
I met great people and got a glimpse of what graduate school is all about. I also got a chance to tour Boston.

Favorite part of the weekend and why?
The Duck Tour!

Do you think you benefitted from the program – did it help you in any way? Why or why not?
It helped me greatly in making my decision to go to graduate school. Furthermore, it influenced my decision to go for my Ph.D. (not just an M.S. degree).

Prior to attending ACCESS, did you have plans to apply for graduate school?
How did ACCESS impact your decision?

I originally wasn’t planning to attend graduate school. ACCESS positively impacted my decision to go.

Are you planning on applying to/attending Graduate School now? If so where?
I will start my graduate studies in fall 2012 at North Carolina State University

What are the three things you like most about graduate school?
Social life, ability to pursue any research idea, flexible work hours

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
In 5 years I will be almost a “Dr.” In 10 years I see myself working in R&D in a chemical company.

Washington, DC
Chemical Engineering
Florida Institute of Technology
Current Position: North Carolina State Univ (Ph.D.)