Shane Di Dona

Research Interests: Thin films, specifically atomic layer deposition (ALD); computer modeling of reactors

Interests outside of school/research:
3D graphics (3ds max and SolidWorks), Mathematica programming.

Interesting things you did at ACCESS and people you’ve met?
Touring MIT was fun; also, I met Dr. Gleason, whose research is related to my research interests.

Favorite part of the weekend and why?
The tours of the labs and time spent meeting professors were the parts of the weekend I enjoyed the most; I really enjoy networking with professors.

Do you think you benefitted from the program – did it help you in any way? Why or why not?

I benefited from the program by networking with professors and discussing the graduate admissions process with the admissions committee.

Prior to attending ACCESS, did you have plans to apply for graduate school? How did ACCESS impact your decision?
I have always planned to attend graduate school, but ACCESS allowed me to optimize my college application.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
In 5 years I will be finishing graduate school, and in 10 years I will likely be in a research career.

Asheboro, NC
Chemical Engineering and Physics
Minor Mathematics
North Carolina State University